Hello! My name is Dana and I am a handcraft lover.

I have been knitting, sewing and crocheting for many years and consider them my favourite hobbies.

I’ve started this blog to show others what I enjoy doing and what things I can create.

I hope to write at least once a week, we’ll see.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also: My amazing sister Holly has agreed to take photos for my blog! Thank you Holly!



One Response to About

  1. philippa carthew says:

    Hello Dana
    Just cruizing round your colourful website. Congratulations! This is a very thrilled Pip – my flower is beautiful. You know I was inspecting it last evening and thought, I think this is dyed! It sits with my special pieces in bathroom together with my new spicy apple and raisin soap. Hope I don’t eat this! You certainly are hooked. I know the absorption one experiences with such pleasures – like a good book, you can’t put it down … I wonder too, how many beanies you have knitted – can only imagine you all cooped up throughout winter wearing same, as you said you would outfit all! Holly, your photographer, extraordinaire – how marvellous for you, such a team. I see her as Creative Butterfly! My love to you both and BOO xoxoxo

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